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 seechange is a studio of design and media practitioners with a passion for experience design, knowledge environments, visual media, brand transformation, and creative collaborations. 

We integrate services, design-build, communication arts, brand-scaping, animation, graphic illustration and research, for clients in India and internationally. 

Our core experience is in reaching out. We work bi-focally on communication for sustainable practices and campaigns; and on interpreting contemporary arts and historic events in museum galleries, public spaces, in print and online. Well over a decade building environmental experiences and visual narratives that engage, amuse, and work.


Our projects have taken place as far afield as Vancouver, Bombay and Brussels. Our growing carbon footprint concerns us, but call us anyway!


We're makers: We make spaces, ideas, images and people come together and come to life. We create knowledge environments including exhibitions and museum spaces, visual narratives such as films, and engaging public objects like posters and books. We design experiences that move between our habits and habitats: enhancing wellbeing, knowhow, and simple human connection. 


Collaborations across sectors animate our projects. We work with artisans, artists, academics, architects, altruists... a growing abecedary of professional colleagues. 


Social and personal impacts are what we move these collaborations towards - "to shift from what it looks like to what it does in our life, to our life" in the words of Mau’s ‘massive change’. We work with people towards solutions that are more sustainable, sensible and sensual, because pleasure is useful too. At the heart of our interactions with clients and communities is a simple principle: we can and do use design (all of us) to transform our realities for the better.





A note from director
siddhartha chatterjee

Hi!  Long story short - we animate your stories and help them travel - turning them into exhibition spaces, films, books and commissioned art.  We collaborate to create rich experiences that are inclusive, engaging, and inspiring​.  I'm a director at seechange.  While this site is being populated, there's more information here here:


Codirector Anitha Balachandran​ is an animation filmmaker and maker of picture books. We're a small firm driven by partners from 5 cities, with well over a decade being creative entrepreneurs, and a large peer network of collaborators, mentors, magicians and professionals.


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